Flight Path Farms is a small-scale family farm located just outside of Canal Fulton. Beef is the primary product of Flight Path Farms, but not the same beef as you would find on most farms in Ohio. Instead, Flight Path Farms raises registered Beefalo and keeps a herd of about 45 animals.

Beefalo is a cross-breed of domestic cattle and Bison (American Buffalo). This unique hybrid of beef cattle yields a tremendous quality of table meat that is high in protein but very low in cholesterol and fat, making it a wonderful red meat alternative for consumers with heart conditions or high cholesterol.

Flight Path Farms manages a mixed herd of registered brood cows, feeder calves, replacement stock, and finished animals. The majority of the herd are fullblood Beefalo, meaning they are 37.5% bison. Beefalo, however, can have as little as 17% bison to still be considered Beefalo by the USDA. The animals are grass fed and are not supplemented with steroids or growth hormones. This means it takes a little bit longer to finish animals, but yields a very healthy product.

Flight Path Farms is a member of several organizations that all work to help farms like ours succeed in their missions to raise quality products that help feed millions of people.